Table of Contents

  ***** Projects *****

Machine Builds
    Shapeoko3 Project
    PRB Mode Project
    Custom 3D Printer Project
    Printrbot build Project

Electronic Projects
  GRBL Mega2560
  Reflow Oven
  PIC24FV Project
  PIC32/PIC24H Project

Digital Camera Dolly
    Horizontal Camera Dolly Project
    Vertical Camera Dolly Project

    Multirotor builds
    Prop Thrust Stand
    Camera gimbal tester

CNC Wood MIll (delayed)
  Design of wood mill
  Raw materials

  ***** Tools *****

PM25MV Mill
  Moving PM25MV Mill
  Lifting PM25MV Mill
  Coolant for PM25MV Mill
  DRO installed on PM25MV Mill

G0602 10x22 Metal Lathe
   New G0602 Lathe
   Moving G0602 Lathe
   Lifting G0602 Lathe
   Plate G0602 Lathe
   New Table G0602 Lathe

Desktop Mini Mill and Lathe
  X2 G8689 Mini Mill
  X2 Column Brace
  7x12 G8688 Mini Lathe
  Bench For Mini Mill/Lathe

Odd Items
  Horz Metal Bandsaw
  Air Compressor
  Vibrator - polisher
  Nickel Plating
  Vert Metal Bandsaw
  Alumnium Anodizing
Last updated 17 Aug 2017