Parts list:
    Motors: Turnigy 1811-2900 runs with 2S batteries
    ESC: Plush 8A , I plan to reflash these.
    Props: 5 inch x 3.0 5030 GEMFAN
    Props Adpt: Collet, for 2mm shaft
    Controller: HK nanowii with 6050 only.
    Software: MultiWii 2.3
    Radio: 9X (to be replaced with FrSky X8R)
    Battery: 1800mah 40C 2S
    Plastic Parts: ABS, printed on 3D printer
    Motor to Motor distance: 10.5 diag inches
    Weight: 302 grams, 10.6 oz, .67 lbs , does not include battery
    Hover: Mini Quad hovers at 50 percent throttle
    50 percent throttle uses 13 Amps, full throttle uses 24 Amps
    Flight time with 1.8A 2S battery is about 5 - 6 minutes, depending how I fly.

This one is good for indoors flight.
This version has much stronger prop guards.
I am using this quad for what if PID testing.

Quadcopter with 5 inch props, for indoors flight

Quads PID settings

CAD overview

Last updated 25 July 2014