Parts list:
    Motors: HK DT750
    ESC: Plush 18A
    ESC 5V: Turnigy
    Props: 10 inch x 45
    Tail Servo: TGY-210DMH
    Controller: HK Multiwii Pro
    Software: MultiWii 2.2
    Radio: 9X (to be replaced with FrSky X8R)
    Battery: 2200mah 25C-45C
    Frame: All wood
    Motor to Motor distance: 33 inches
    Weight: 878 grams, 30.9 oz, 1.94 lbs , does not include battery
    Hover: Tricopter hovers at 50 percent throttle

My first working multirotor, 10 inch Tricopter based on 2.5.

Servo mount.


Folds to save space.

Last updated 12 July 2014